A Review: Wacom Bamboo Spark

After much hype and excitement Lynn at Little Box Studio put her new Bamboo Spark to the test, and here are her thoughts:

"The Wacom Bamboo Spark is a great product for doodling and sketching. My first step in any design work is pencil on paper and I can never see me replace that stage with a tablet. This product caught my attention as it would make the transition from sketch to digital quick and easy. It is also great when sketching ideas for clients as it can be emailed straight away".

"The image export options are jpg, text, WILL and PDF. PDF being the most valuable to me as it exports as vector".

"I was really impressed with the note taking, it picked up on my handwriting really well and I think it would be great to take to lectures etc. This is not why I bought it, I thought it would be a great sketch pad for designers and artists, which it is... mainly for line work."



Mandala Illustration by Little Box Studio 2016 using Wacom Bamboo Spark.



We're on the case!

Little Box Studio has joined forces with the mighty Casetify to create a collection of cute phone cases that'll keep your gadgets in mint condish. 

Check out the full collection here.

Check out the full collection here.

Cases available for both iPhone and Android.



Designed by Little Box Studio 2015. Produced by Casetify.

For Eilidh

A friend commissioned me to do an illustration for his new born niece using handlettering and a tree symbol. 


Hand-inked, digitalised, re-coloured, printed and framed.


Designed by Little Box Studio 2015. Framed by Curiouser and Curiouser, Edinburgh.

An Engagement Gift

The brief for this project was to take 12 reasons from her and 12 reasons from him as to why they love each other.

Rose gold foil finish, framed by Curiouser and Curiouser.


Designed and foiled by Little Box Studio 2015. Framed by Curiouser and Curiouser, Edinburgh.

The Little Box

A year ago, in his 95th year, my Grampa sadly passed away. For his order of service I wanted to do something for him, myself and my family. Something that would evoke happy memories with a smile. 

Order of service - illustration

1. dollhouse, one of many, handcrafted by him 2. bunnet 3. hammer 4. washers and nuts, his pocket contents 5. spirit level 6. hand drill 7. war medals 8. pocket watch 9. wheelbarrow, one of many, handcrafted by him 10. Sitootery, the conservatory, hand built by him 11. apple 12. Stoopid, his faithful robin 13. specs 14. Sheil, the dog 15. the lighthouse of his hometown 16. Mini 17. rocking horse, one of many, handcrafted by him 18. screwdriver 19. Alex, the clock 20. rule 21. mug 22. the fire 23. birdhouse, one of many, handcrafted by him 24. wellies 25. pencil 26. screws

This one of a kind Little Box is now a permanent feature on my desk. Holding my every day tools of the trade as well as a happy little reminder of someone truely unique. 


Designed by Lynn McGarry 2014. Crafted by Stone Lee, from African rosewood. Visit his Etsy shop.

And who are you?

I'm Lynn. I'm a surface / pattern designer / illustrator. I work for a stationery company based in Edinburgh. I am also the owner of Little Box Studio.

... any why are you blogging? 

Well in short... I love to Instagram, Tweet, Pin, window shop, scour Behance, glue, stick, sketch, doodle, collect, crochet, craft and photograph... so a blog seems like a good shout. I'm not good with the words, but I can throw together a decent visual.

So let's kick this off...